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Invest together with the Danube Angels partners in growth companies:

Starting from an investment of just EUR 1,000, you can support innovative companies and their growth. 
Benefit from the increase in value of your company investment in the long term. 
With the support of Danube Angels. No specialist knowledge required.

Current projects


The alternative to classic alpine sports: Winter fun sports equipment – a combination of a frame and skis – is reaching new target groups.
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11,76 % financed
10.000 EUR invested
4 investors

Financed projects

digitAAL Life

Unique eye tracking as biomarker for monitoring and diagnostics in dementia therapy
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232,22 % financed
418.000 EUR invested

Deko Eko

Dekoeko.com is an online circular platform that helps companies to transform their waste into upcycled products with value.   Via our B2B marketplace we match upcycling designers/producers from all over the world, who can turn almost every kind of waste into durable and well-designed products, with business clients who want to give a second life to […]
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130,00 % financed
208.000 EUR invested
closed status


Financial education for children: Fluent financial skills are critical to young people becoming independent.
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180,00 % financed
360.000 EUR invested
closed status


Reprotex has developed the world’s first mobile water recycling plant for industrial waste water. The system purifies contaminated process water directly on site for reuse or for safe discharge into the sewer system. An ecological and economical stroke of genius!
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225,00 % financed
270.000 EUR invested
closed status

What our investors say

Investor from Austria:

Simple, clear, everything explained. This way investing is fun.

Investor from Czech Republic:

I appreciate the professional, regular and clearcommunication to the individual projects.

Investor from Austria:

Good selection and mix of companies in the DACH and CEE regions. This makes it easy to build up a diversified portfolio of international projects and spread the risk.


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The economic success of the investment depends on the company’s business performance in the target markets in which it operates.
This type of investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested.

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