digitAAL Life extends campaign

More than 180 investors have already invested more than EUR 366,000 in the tablet-based serious game, which was developed for therapy to slow the onset and progression of dementia and will also be used in the future for diagnostics using the globally unique eye-tracking system as a biomarker to monitor dementia status. After four successful campaign weeks and reaching the funding threshold, digitAAL Life is extending the current crowd-investing campaign due to the summer holiday season for another three weeks.

Dementia is a global challenge. It currently affects around 50 million people worldwide, there is no cure in sight and the number of people affected is rapidly increasing due to the ageing population (131 million are expected by 2050). Therefore, the WHO and “The Lancet Commission” recommend combined and personalised physical, mental and social (so-called “multimodal”) interventions as the only effective approach. The Austrian company digitAAL Life, a spin-off of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH company in Graz, is committed to this approach.

What we particularly like about digitAAL life:

  • a contribution to the solution of a real problem – every person concerned will confirm that
  • a professional, motivated team with high-level support from an advisory board
  • a large, fast-growing market that can be addressed worldwide in digital form
  • a business model that can be scaled quickly and efficiently through existing, long-standing connections in the medical and care sectors
  • serious financial planning
  • content “seal of approval” due to the very successful acquisition of numerous funding projects
  • A total of € 1.125mn will be raised, of which € 600,000 has already been contracted “equity-free” as funding from the Austrian aws (Austrian Promotional Bank, a national funding agency).

Become part of this interesting digital health company now! Investments are possible until 12.8.2021.

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