Frequently asked questions

What requirements does my company have to meet for a crowd-investing campaign?

For a campaign on the Danube Angels platform, your company must meet the following requirements:
  • Your company is a corporation based in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary.
  • Your company already has a product on the market and is already generating sales.
  • Your company is looking for growth or second-stage financing between EUR 50,000 and EUR 500,000.
  • The owners of the company are willing to broaden the shareholder structure and to approve to extensive rights of investors.

Does my company have to operate in a specific industry?

No, your company does not have to operate in a specific industry. Danube Angels are interested in operating companies from all industries. Danube Angels do not offer financing for pure project companies.

To what extent can Danube Angels finance my business?

The financing volume of Danube Angels and its investors ranges between EUR 50,000 and EUR 500,000.

How much does a crowd-investing campaign at Danube Angels cost?

The following fees are charged for the provision of capital: Fixed and success fee Danube Angels charge a fixed fee of € 1,500 plus any applicable value-added tax upon signing the Letter of Intent to mediate capital and a success-based fee for the provision of capital and the mediation of investors. This success fee amounts to 10% of the capital (plus any applicable value-added tax), which flows into the company in whatever form, whereby the previously paid fixed amount is credited. The success fee is due after the transaction has been completed.   Annual support fee For the ongoing support, preparation of investor information, administration of trust relationships etc., an annual fee of EUR 4,000 plus any applicable tax is charged.

What are the advantages of a crowd-investing campaign with Danube Angels?

A crowd-investing campaign with and at Danube Angels offers your business many benefits. The most important benefits are:
  • Marketing potential: crowd-investing is not only a form of financing, but also an excellent marketing instrument. You can have personal contact with investors and receive a lot of attention for your company.
  • Service potential: the Danube Angels platform not only provides you with money, but rather “smart money”. On the one hand, you benefit from access to our extensive network of partners and investors in the DACH and CEE regions. On the other hand, you will enjoy the ongoing professional support and expertise of Danube Angels.
  • Financing potential: you use not just one person or institution to finance your company, but a large number of investors in the DACH and CEE regions.
  • Minimum administration: the investments of the individual investors are held by a trustee so that rather than 100 new shareholders only the trustee is involved in the company. This keeps the administrative costs for your company at a minimum.

Which participation model do Danube Angels offer?

In contrast to other platforms, Danube Angels does not provide subordinated loans. Our crowd-investing platform offers investors equity participations in companies seeking capital. Each investor’s participation is held by a trustee, so there are not 100 new shareholders in the company, but only the trustee.

What is the percentage of the company that the owners of the company have to transfer?

The amount of the company’s share depends on the amount of financing required and the company’s valuation. The valuation of the company is made by Danube Angels using the free cash flow method on the basis of the cash flow calculation, which you provide.

How can companies apply?

To apply for a crowd-investing campaign, simply fill out our application form and upload your current pitch-deck and/or your company’s executive summary. The application form can be found here.

How long does it take for my company to launch a crowd-investing campaign?

Once you have gone through all the steps of our selection process, you will receive an offer from Danube Angels for the provision or mediation of capital. Then all contracts must be negotiated by you and Danube Angels and the campaign must be designed together. Basically, we plan four weeks from the acceptance of the offer and the start of the campaign.

Who helps me with non-financial services such as advertising, press releases, marketing or legal questions?

Before and during your campaign, Danube Angels and its partners support your company in the creation of the campaign and the advertising measures. Our team, which includes a lawyer in Vienna, can also assist you in legal matters.

Do I have to participate after the start of the campaign, or will everything be done by Danube Angels?

The Danube Angels platform presents your crowd-investing campaign to potential investors. In order to achieve the highest possible amount, it is essential that you also distribute and promote the campaign in your network. In addition, Danube Angels will prepare investor events where you can present your company and campaign in person and get potential investors interested in investing.

What is the difference between funding limit and funding threshold?

The funding limit is the maximum amount collected for the project. This amount cannot be exceeded. The funding threshold is below the funding limit and is the minimum amount that must be collected in order to execute the transaction. Only when the funding threshold has been reached does the trust agreement become valid and the financing transaction is executed.

What happens if the funding threshold is not reached?

If the funding threshold is not reached during the campaign, the capital will not be provided or mediated and the letter of intent or any negotiated agreement between your company and Danube Angels will be invalid. In the event that the funding threshold is not reached, the success fee is not due; only the fixed sum of EUR 1,500 at the signing of the letter of intent is payable. It is also possible to extend a campaign if you and Danube Angels think this is useful and if this option was previously stated in the contracts.

What obligations does my company have after successfully completing the financing round?

In order to enable Danube Angels to provide investors with timely, accurate and comprehensive corporate information, the capital-seeking company undertakes to submit half-yearly reports on the progress of business and financial position in accordance with a template provided. Danube Angels names a contact person who discusses the course of business with the founders on a monthly basis. Ongoing support over the period of the investment is regulated in a consultancy agreement.

Will Danube Angels also participate in the project?

The Danube Angels partners always act as co-investors themselves, expressing their commitment and trust in your company.

Is the company obliged to execute the investment once the funding threshold has been reached?

Yes, once the funding threshold is reached, the company is obliged to execute the negotiated contracts. If the funding threshold is not reached, the capital will not be provided or mediated and the letter of intent or any negotiated agreement between your company and Danube Angels will be invalid.

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