For which companies is crowd-investing interesting?

Raising capital through Danube Angels is theright form of financing for your company if the following criteria are met:

  • Financing volume: EUR 50,000 to EUR 500,000
  • Financing phase: growth and second-stage financing
  • Industries: all industries, no pure project companies
  • Corporation with registered office in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Willingness to broaden the shareholder structure
  • Approval of extensive rights of investors

What are the advantages of a crowd-investing campaign?

Marketing potential

Crowd-investing is not only a form of financing, but also an excellent marketing instrument. You can have personal contact with investors and receive a lot of attention for your company.

Service potential

The Danube Angels platform not only provides you with money, but rather “smart money”. On the one hand, you benefit from access to our extensive network of partners and investors in the DACH and CEE regions. On the other hand, you will enjoy the ongoing professional support and expertise of Danube Angels.

Financing potential

You use not just one person or institution to finance your company, but a large number of investors in the DACH and CEE regions.

Minimum administration

The investments of the individual investors are held by a trustee so that rather than 100 new shareholders only the trustee is involved in the company. This keeps the administrative costs for your company at a minimum.

What steps lead to your campaign?

1. Submit your project

Send your documents (business plan, financial plan, pitch deck, etc.) to info@danubeangels.com. After reviewing your documents, you will receive feedback from our team.

2. Presentation of the company

After positive feedback you will receive an invitation to one of our Pitching Days. At this event, the main focus will be on getting to know the team and your business model as well as questions by our partners to you.

3. Contract drafting

We jointly draft all necessary contracts with the extensive investor protection rights.

4. Preparation of the crowd-investing campaign

Together we design an interesting campaign on our project page – with an easy-to-understand description of your company and product as well as appealing pictures. All documents must meet the requirements of a public offer as defined by the Alternative Financing Act (AltFG).

5. Start of the crowd-investing campaign

Advertise in your network for the crowd-investing campaign and win investors. We support you by marketing in our networks and try, together with you, to reach the funding threshold or more.

6. Completion of crowd-investing campaign and ongoing support

Keep your investors informed through half-yearly reports and information on important events. You can also benefit from access to our network of experts in the DACH and CEE regions and use it for the further growth of your company.

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