What is crowd-investing?

Crowd-investing is an alternative form of financing for companies. The basic idea is that not one investor invests a large sum in a company, but many investors invest manageable amounts. This means that demanding and risky projects can be implemented that a single investor would not support. Private individuals also have the opportunity to invest in promising companies, create jobs and promote economic development – and win for themselves in the process.

Through the Danube Angels model, you invest directly in equity and become a co-owner of the company.

Why should you invest?

Especially in times of historically low interest rates, asset accumulation cannot function without a certain willingness to take risks. Investments in company shares entail a number of risks that the investor must be prepared to bear. In any case, only a small part of the total assets should be invested. In addition, it is of particular importance to diversify the investment: five investments of EUR 1,000 are better than one of EUR 5,000!

Internationally, the expected return for this asset class is at least 25 to 35 percent per year. However, such a return can only be achieved with a diversified portfolio; the number of investments should not be less than ten.

The investor must also be able to cope with a total loss of the invested capital. Accordingly, the investment amounts should be chosen carefully and adjusted to the investor’s own financial situation.

Which companies are offered?

Danube Angels receive up to twenty applicationsper month for crowd-investment from growth companies from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the CEE region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). Danube Angels filter out the most interesting and promising companies from these applications. Nearly one percent of the applying companies are given the opportunity to present themselves on our platform.

Invest successfully even with small amounts!

In the past, only large investment funds and large investors had the opportunity to invest in forward-looking companies and multiply their invested capital.

Through Danube Angels, investors can also invest manageable amounts in business models that are otherwise not available at comparable conditions. With a minimum investment of EUR 1,000, everyone has the opportunity to build up an investment portfolio with promising companies and participate in their success.

Profit chance through investments in companies

Invest in promising growth companies and receive ongoing profit sharing and/or your share of the profits from the sale of the company (exit).

Investments with a chance of profit:

  • Through shares in growth companies in the DACH and CEE regions
  • Participation in current profits and/or
  • Profit share when the company is sold (exit)
  • Build up exit opportunities in 3 to 7 years and increase the value of the investment
  • Promising but risky investment opportunities
  • EUR 1,000 minimum investment

How to invest?

1. Discover our projects and select a growth company in which you would like to invest.

2. Fill in our investment questionnaire and we will send you your personal trust agreement.

3. Transfer your investment amount to the escrow account.

4. Benefit from the profits and increases in value of growth companies.

The Danube Angels Participation Model

The companies seeking capital place a public offer on the Danube Angels platform, which invites you to participate in the company. This investment is held by a trustee – you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. As soon as the company distributes profits, these are transferred to you by the trustee. In the event of a sale of the company shares (exit), the proceeds are also paid out to you.

Danube Angels GmbH provides investors with information about the development of their investment as well as the course of business and the implementation of the growth strategy during the entire term of the investment.

The most important characteristics of the Danube Angels investment model summarized:
  • Danube Angels does not offer fund solutions. You decide which project you would like to support.
  • Indirect GmbH participation via a trustee – you do not hold the participation directly, but the trustee in your name. Therefore, the trustee participates in general meetings and exercises his voting right on behalf of all investors.
  • If the company distributes profits or sells company shares, the proceeds will be transferred to you less a service fee or performance-related fee.
  • At least every six months you will receive information on the company’s course of business and the implementation of its growth strategy.
  • And should something not go according to plan, you will be informed immediately. If necessary, the trustee will hold a vote among the investors on the exercise of certain investor rights, in which the majority of the votes cast will decide.

Your advantages with Danube Angels

Pre-selected and interesting projects

Danube Angels receive continuously applications for crowd-investing projects and check them in advance for investors. Only around one percent of the applications meet our quality standards in terms of team, business model, scalability, market volume and USP and are approved for a campaign on our platform.

Investor protection

Each investment contract with the companies is negotiated personally by Danube Angels for our investors. Therefore, you will always find the most important investor protection rights in these agreements.

Participation by a trustee

You do not have to spend a lot of time looking after your investment. The trustee of your investment manages and takes care of your investment together with Danube Angels.

Profit participation

You will not find a fixed interest rate with countless payout clauses in our contracts. If business is going well, you will receive a distribution. If the entire company is sold (exit), you receive your share of the sales proceeds.

Transparency and reporting

You will find all information and documents for your investment decision on our project page. Through the support of the trustee or Danube Angels, you will receive half-yearly reports on the development of the company and other important events. And should you still have any questions, our team will be happy to assist you.

What our investors say

Investor from Austria:

“Simple, clear, everything explained. This way investing is fun.”

Investor from Czech Republic:

I appreciate the professional, regular and clear communication to the individual projects.”

Investor from Austria:

“Good selection and mix of companies in the DACH and CEE regions. This makes it easy to build up a diversified portfolio of international projects and spread the risk.”

Any further questions?

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found under FAQ.

We will also be happy to answer your questions by e-mail at info@danubeangels.com.

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The economic success of the investment depends on the company’s business performance in the target markets in which it operates.
This type of investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested.

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