The alternative to classic alpine sports: Winter fun sports equipment – a combination of a frame and skis – is reaching new target groups.

Facts of the crowdinvesting campaign
Target investment amount:€ 85.000 to 300.000
Offered participation:11,98 % to 32,44 %
Pre-money valuation:€ 624.643
Minimal investment and denomination:€ 2.500
End of the subscription period:17.12.2021
32,35 % financed
27.500 EUR invested
11 investors


Sledgehammer is an Austrian-based company that develops, manufactures, distributes and rents ski bikes and other winter fun sports equipment.

Founder and managing director Gregor Schuster has been developing winter sports equipment under his own brand Sledgehammer since 2006 and has been running the company Sledgehammer Wintersport GmbH since 2013. In recent years we have learned how to produce high-quality and perfectly rideable winter fun sports equipment, which we believe will make winter sports areas more attractive and attract more guests again.

We develop Sledgehammer winter fun sports equipment on our own premises and have over 70% of it manufactured in Austria from this season onwards. From the 2022/2023 season, the products will be manufactured entirely in Austria.

Our goal is to become a trendsetter in the winter tourism industry with our winter fun sports equipment and to bring more guests back to the slopes. To have fun on the slopes with our products, you don’t need courses lasting several days or long training times. We look forward to you joining us and making winter sports more attractive with Sledgehammer winter fun sports equipment.


“Global warming”, the buzzword of our time. This is a fact. Due to shorter winter seasons and increasingly expensive lift tickets, winter sports are becoming an absolute luxury and school ski weeks and ski courses are booked less and less often. The higher temperatures unfortunately also provide soft slopes for longer and longer periods, which the modern carving skier avoids.

Winter sports are changing. Winter sports resorts have started to rethink and offer not only the classic alpine sports, but are now increasingly looking for alternatives and expansions of their offers to be able to offer their guests much more. But also to keep the local guests on the slopes longer. Often, weekly guests switch to off-piste activities from the third day onwards, such as visits to the pools, winter walks or tobogganing experiences. This is where the skibike and other fun sports equipment come in.

In addition, an awareness has now arrived in the winter sports landscape that young customers, more than ever, need to be convinced about winter sports. The offer must be attractive, accessible without major hurdles and preferably immediately learnable.


Sledgehammer builds skibikes, skibobs and other winter fun sports equipment. All current and future products essentially consist of an aluminum frame and at least two carving skis. Both components are developed and constantly improved by Sledgehammer. With the coming season, after many years of Far East production, over 70% of the products will now be manufactured in Austria. With the 2022/23 season, this will be entirely the case.

Quickly learned, all models, just like skis or snowboard, can be moved in any kind of terrain.


Business model

Our business model is based on two areas. One is the sale and the other is the rental of winter fun sports equipment.


In recent years, we have focused exclusively on a B2C model. Already a few years ago, a mix of B2B and B2C model was pursued and thus a strong partner network was built up. Due to the unwillingness of some B2B partners to partially prefinance the goods, the B2B model was reduced to almost zero. From the winter season 2021/2022, a B2B model is now to be introduced again in addition, as the demand from our partners for our products has risen steadily in recent years.


In the 2019/2020 season, further experience was gained with twenty-one strategically important stations (in AUT, DE and CH) and two mobile test stations, and the rental station concept was further tested. Later plans to expand the rental station network through partners and a commission-based business were scrapped due to lack of control and the need for people on site to identify with the products. This winter season, Sledgehammer will concentrate on a few rental stations and operate them itself.

Market potential and target group

The products are aimed at a very large target group, which consists of mountain bikers, motocrossers, winter sports enthusiasts but also not-yet winter sports enthusiasts and a very young target audience. The visual appearance of the products alone arouses interest in these people. In the DACH region, the achievable potential of mountain bikers is very high at 520,000 people. There are hardly any competitors worldwide at the moment and none at all in Europe. The market can be penetrated much more with a significant increase in the advertising measures, which have been too low to date.


In 2006 Gregor Schuster started with the development of the skibike and other winter fun sports equipment. In 2013 he founded the Sledgehammer Wintersport GmbH.

Gregor Schuster has done years of pioneering work and created the market for the products themselves. The development of the products and the market had to be, forced, more than the profit in focus.

In the first years of our business we were able to find partners in China who supplied our skibike frames. In 2016, there were unfortunately problems with the ski supplier in Austria, so we had to look for new partners who could offer the same quality. In the meantime we have found this again and can deliver high quality products.

Financial data

Turnover120 81056 206395 0001 274 0002 210 000
Costs-175 131-107 700-327 000-815 000-1 354 000
EBITDA-54 321-51 49468 000459 000856 000


We believe that the energy, experience, enthusiasm, skills and ambition brought by our team, give us the potential to make Sledgehammer a global player in the winter sports market. Our key personnel include:

Gregor Schuster: Founder, Managing Director & Development

Gregor is the visionary behind Sledgehammer, an avid mountain and ski biker and an expert in this scene. Through his training as a mechanical engineer and business economist, he understands both the technical and the economic side of the business field. His strengths lie in the constant technical development and expansion of the product range. In addition, Gregor Schuster impresses in terms of technology above all through his innovative thinking, which allows the products to always be one step ahead of the competition. From testing to the construction of the frames, the individual parts and the skis, everything is done in-house by Gregor Schuster.

Dalina Naue: Marketing & Events

Dalina studies market and advertising psychology and is an avid cyclist/motocross rider, which allows her to apply a high level of understanding and terminology to the conversation with our target groups. She is very familiar with the topic of winter sports and has quite an interesting network, especially with many young, well-known winter athletes.

Philip Ostermann: Purchasing & Disposition

Philip is the owner of a bike shop and also an avid mountain biker. Through his extensive network in the mountain bike scene, Philip is an important partner for Sledgehammer.

Gregor Schuster, Dalina Naue & Philip Ostermann


There are a few competitors around the world that also offer skibikes. However, in our opinion, these are not competitive with Sledgehammer, as they either offer less sophisticated products or products that are too high-priced.


Sledgehammer has been financed in recent years through a mix of equity financing rounds, shareholder loans and overdraft facilities to provide short-term liquidity.

Current financing

Sledgehammer’s capital requirements range between EUR 85,000 and EUR 300,000. The capital raised through the financing round will be used on the one hand to

  • For inventory purchase of new sports equipment for the 2021/2022 season,
  • marketing campaigns and events, and
  • the construction of two exclusive rental stations in Flachau and Semmering.


We are committed to long-term growth with the goal of delivering profitable returns to Sledgehammer stakeholders.

We see an exit opportunity through acquisition of a larger brand within 5-7 years as plausible. We believe these brands may be interested in Sledgehammer to add a standalone and sustainable brand to their portfolio. It is also conceivable that smaller brands may be interested in a merger or acquisition of Sledgehammer to grow their business.

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Details of the crowd-investing campaign

Facts of the crowdinvesting campaign
Target investment amount:€ 85.000 to 300.000
Offered participation:11,98 % to 32,44 %
Pre-money valuation:€ 624.643
Minimal investment and denomination:€ 2.500
End of the subscription period:17.12.2021
32,35 % financed
27.500 EUR invested
11 investors

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