Start of the crowd-investing
campaign of ReProTex

A cost saving of up to 70% compared to currently used methods or a reduction of water consumption by up to 95% – these are only two advantages of the mobile water treatment plant for industrial wastewater from ReProTex GmbH.

After more than 5 years of intensive development work, ReProTex presented at the end of 2015 the world’s first production-ready system that treats wastewater and simultaneously makes it available for reuse. The system is installed in a container and is able to purify process wastewater of up to 200 l/min and return it as clear water for immediate reuse.

The worldwide new system was an instant hit. The Vienna airport or Hamburg shipyards made already use of the innovative mobile system. In 2018 ReProTex was awarded the ÖGUT environmental prize in the category “World without waste”. In 2019, the financial success was also achieved. Now these mobile systems are to go into series production to be sold or rented.

With the crowd investing campaign, ReProTex together with Danube Angels offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the company. Starting with a minimum investment of EUR 1.000, anyone can invest in the pioneering green company and benefit from the future success of the company.

Funding limit:EUR 270.000
Funding threshold:EUR 120.000
Offered participation:1,90 % to 4,75 %
Minimum investment and denomination:EUR 1.000
Funding period:16.6.2020 to 31.8.2020